No 60 Scala Kit (2016)

For Organ solo

Commissioned by: Haarlem Organ Festival
First Performance: Finalists of the improvisers competition, Haarlem International Organ Festival, 22 July 2016, Bavo, Haarlem
Instrumentation: Organ solo
Duration: 7’

Score samples

Info/Program note:
Scala Kit is a 2-page guided improvisation score based on some of the organizing principles of the Scala series and was written for the final round of the improvisers competition of the 2016 International Haarlem Organ Festival. The score consists of five melodic loops, their initial rhythmic execution and materials with which to create 2- and 3-part counterpoint. The organization and ordering of the materials, as well as their coloring is then left up to the player. Whether or not Scala Kit qualifies as ‘an improvisation’ is open to debate (and the main reason it is included here as ‘a work’) since it aims more at ‘grasping potential’ within a clearly-defined identity, and seeing how far you can go with that, than serving as a basis for free-flight improvisation. The goal was more-or-less to see whether ‘an improvisation’ based on clearly-defined rules might automatically churn out ‘a composition’.