No 36 Concords I-III (2007)

For variable (medium-large) mixed ensemble

Commissioned by: written with financial support from the Netherlands Fund for the Performing Arts
First Performance of Concord I: Ives Ensemble, October 8 2008, Red Sofa, Eduard Flipse Zaal, Rotterdam
Instrumentation: variable (medium-large mixed ensemble)
Duration: ca. 45’
Special Features: performance requires stopwatch monitor on stage
Other Comments: Parts II & III as yet unperformed

Score samples

Info/Program note:
Concord: harmony, agreement; (geog.) a place in Massachusetts made famous by the Transcendentalists; (mus. C. Sonata) a revolutionary piano work by Charles Ives.

Concords I - III - as a plural homage to all these definitions - is derived entirely from the available letters supplied by the name 'Ives Ensemble'.

These letters are paired to three pitch, or number systems (chromatic, harmonic and as prime numbers of the harmonic series), which supply all of the harmonic material for each of the 'movements'. The letters are either read straightforward with retrograde (I), straightforward with transpositions (II) or straightforward with retrograde plus transpositions (III).