No 32 Anekabahudaravaktranetram (2007)

For large orchestra and chorus

Commissioned by:
First Performance:
Instrumentation: large orchestra and chorus
Duration: ca. 90’
Special Features: Performance requires stopwatch monitors on stage

Info/Program note:
Written in Florida in 2007 during a short lull between commissions, Anekabahudaravaktranetram (Sanskrit for ‘your own infinitude stretching away’) was conceived as a pre-study for < a href="35.html">Prana. Similarly based on texts from the Bhagavad-Gita but scored for large chorus and orchestra and lasting close to 90 minutes in total, the piece however turned out to be one of my largest. The work ends with a somewhat terrifying sequence of enormous overtone chords which are built up and then one-by-one, voice-per-voice, ‘erased’ into harmonic consonance. Mostly finished, with the exception of the orchestral ‘mapping’ and the text-placement, the work was placed aside for more pressing obligations - a ‘Cinderella’ state from which it will probably never arise, unless kissed awake through concrete demand.