No. 54
Rising & Falling (20')
For orchestra & sinewaves
No. 47
Three Studies on Elevation (21')
For large choir, saxophone quartet & sinewaves
No. 44
Verdichtingen (27')
For orchestra, opt. narrator & sinewaves
No. 32
Anekabahudaravaktranetram (90') *
Two meditations and an Icon on texts from the Bhagavadgita for chorus and large, variable orchestra
No. 27a
Structures I-V (c.115')
(Single Lines on Moving Planes)
for large ensembles (up to 22 voiced chords)
Structure I (1640)
Descending 7-voiced-chords
Structure II (2115)
15-voiced-chords in Diamond-form
Structure III (2230)
ascending and descending 15-voiced-chords plus harmonic inversion
Structure IV (3230)
22-voiced-chords in Cross-form
Structure V (2100)
ascending 10-voiced-chords
No. 27c
Structures X-XII (c.100'-120')
(Single Lines on Moving and Static Planes)
for Orchestras or very large ensembles (up to 33 voiced chords)
Structure X (5200)
up to 33-voiced-chords
Structure XI (2130-3215)
Structure XII (3230)
up to 22-voiced-chords in Cross Form
No. 16
Composition in 3 Parts (12')
for percussion sextet, saxophone quartet and wind ensemble
(6 perc, sax quartet, fl/picc, 3sax, hrn, 3tp, 3tb, bs guit, pf)
No. 13
Comfort, for Orchestra (7')
For large Orchestra
No. 12
3-pt. Melodies, Variations & Objects (14')
for piano-obbligato and large ensemble
(fl, ob, cl, bcl, bsn, hrn, trp, trb, 2 pc, pf, vl, vla, vc, cb)
No. 5
Chant Negatif (40') (Chants Monotones pt. 3)
for soprano, string orchestra and 6 percussion
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