No. 30
La Voce di Zarlino (c.35'/Part I 12')
three movements on texts of Gioseffo Zarlino
No. 30a) - for five voices (SSATB) and optional keyboard
No. 30b) - for multiple voices (SSATB) and variable ensemble
No. 29
Formalist Dance # 1 (8')
a short study in tiling
for two pianos
No. 28
Strands I & II (10') *
for ensemble
(bs rec, bs cl, trb, vib, pf, el guit, vl, cb)
No. 27
Structures I-XVI (c.400')
Series of sixteen scores without parts, for variable instrumentations ranging
from small ensembles to orchestras with or without live electronic delay
a) Structures IV (c.115')
(Single Lines on Moving Planes)
for large ensembles (up to 22 voiced chords)
Structure I (1640)
Descending 7-voiced-chords
Structure II (2115)
15-voiced-chords in Diamond-form
Structure III (2230)
ascending and descending 15-voiced-chords plus harmonic inversion
Structure IV (3230)
22-voiced-chords in Cross-form
Structure V (2100)
ascending 10-voiced-chords
b) Structures VI-IX (c.60')
(Single Lines on Static Planes)
for small ensembles (up to 8 voiced chords)
Structure VI (1340)
modulating 7-voiced-chords
Structure VII (1300)
Static 6-voiced-chords
Structure VIII (1920)
Static 8-voiced-chords
Structure IX (1620)
modulating 7-voiced-chords
c) Structures X-XII (c.100'-120')
(Single Lines on Moving and Static Planes)
for Orchestras or very large ensembles (up to 33 voiced chords)
Structure X (5200)
up to 33-voiced-chords
Structure XI (2130-3215)
Structure XII (3230)
up to 22-voiced-chords in Cross Form
d) Structures XIII-XV (c.60')
(Double Lines on Moving and Static Planes)
for medium large ensembles (up to 13 voiced chords)
Structure XIII (2030)
13-voiced-chords in Cross Form
Structure XIV (1600)
8-voiced-chords on differing Axes
Structure XV (1800)
modulating 10-voiced-chords in Wedge Form
e) Structure XVI (18'30")
for two sustaining chord instruments
Structure VIb (13'40")
Version for female voices, organ and male drone
No. 26
Altijd, Al (8')
six overlapping parts on time and quantity
for 8 voices (SSAATTBB)
No. 25
Recessionist March (1'03)
for 5 musicians
(ob, cl, vl, vla, cb)
No. 24
7 Dances for Percussion 4-tet (26')
For 4 percussion
No. 23
Serenades II to IV (18')
For 3 electric guitars & bass guitar
No. 22
Chromatic Fundamentals (30')
3 movements on square-root forms and proportional growth
for violin & piano
No. 21
Zo stom als een steen (5')
Incidental song for soprano & piano
Text: Herman Brusselmans
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