No. 55 Attachments (2013)
For prepared piano & Sinewaves
Commissioned by: Saskia Lankhoorn, with financial support from the Netherlands Fund for the Performing Arts

Info/Program Note:
In Attachments the piano is prepared 'enharmonically', meaning that certain of the strings are prepared in such a way that they resonate sympathetically against other struck pitches. To this purpose paperclips of varying sizes and materials have been added to the middle and upper register of the piano while the lower register is prepared with eraser caps (bringing out specific partials). To not obscure the sound of the piano, the sine waves were composed intentionally 'pure' (ie. without internal beating); for the most part their job is to scan the circumference of the music played by the piano, thereby determining form, direction, and a sense of tonal mobility. Attachments consists of three sections, each segueing into the other and proceding from middle register via high register to low register.

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