No. 53 TWOMB for John Cage (2012)
For 6 percussionists
Commissioned by: Percussion The Hague, with financial support from the Netherlands Fund for the Performing Arts.

Info/Program Note:
Written together with composer Maarten Altena, TWOMB for John Cage takes a special place among my works. Not only because of the obvious difficulties of writing a piece together with somebody else, but also because that person happened to be a close friend. In writing TWOMB (pronounced as a combination of the words 'two' and 'tomb') we set out to write a work in which the authorship would be as untraceable as possible. To this purpose we devised all kind of formal rules, loosely based on the square root form of John Cage and all the possible combinations of five lines/players and proceded to allocate various speeds to each other. In all, the work consists of five pieces of material, which are split accurately through the middle: 2 and a half for each, formal inner subdivisions for one composer, long continuous lines for the other. The entire work is technically linked up through the mutual use of palindromic number structures.

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