No. 48 Phrase (2011)
For 4 musicians
Commissioned by Festival Breaking the Waves, with financial support from the Netherlands Fund for the Performing Arts

Info/Program Note:
Phrase was written in April 2011 for the ensembles Flexible Music and Klang and was premiered during a Festival devoted to my later work. The work takes as its departure point the idea of single lines of differing phrase lengths, which are looped over the three attack instruments and are accompanied by a much slower line for the Saxophone. The piece is set against a slowly moving sine chord, ascending 3/4 of a minor second by the halfway mark and then descending again to its original position. The tessitura of Phrase is set in a relatively high position, allowing each attack to stand out against the sine chord as little, distant stars, flashing briefly before fading again. The piece plays a slight game with tempo-perception as the three attack instruments gradually slow down to 1.5 times their original length and then speed up again for the second half - while the saxophone seemingly speeds up and slows down in the score, but in fact maintains a consistent tempo throughout.

Phrase, video premiere May 14 2011, Festival Breaking the Waves

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