No. 47 Three Studies on Elevation (2010)
For Large Choir, Saxophone Quartet & Sinewaves
Commissioned by the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and November Music, for the New London Chamber Choir and the Rasscher Saxophone Quartet

Info/Program Note:
Having spent a good deal of 2010 occupied with the investigation of parallel motion in sinewaves, the Three Studies on Elevation specifically focus on the area of ascending lines. More particularly: how can one insinuate infinite ascent and how can, in particular instances, descent even be observed within ascending motion - like the wheels of a car seemingly moving in opposite motion at certain speeds.
The work consists of three seven-minute movements which are titled, successively: curve (asymmetrically ascending and then descending in the saxes, while the choir intones all possible chords within a four-note gamut); helix (gradually rising over three octaves, originating and terminating at fixed points, and forming harmonic chords towards the center; with, under the proper conditions a very curious psycho-acoustic phenomenon towards the end); and line (ascending 'infinitely' in the sines, with the musicians ascending in terraced scales).
The Choir vocalizes throughout, there is no text; and with the exception of the saxophone parts in curve, there are also no prescribed microtones - all parts proceed chromatically.

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