No. 42 Music for Sines, Percussion, eBows & Variable Ensemble (2008)
For recorders, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, double bass, electric guitar, ebow piano & percussion
Commissioned by: Ensemble MAE, with financial support from the Netherlands Fund for the Performing Arts

Info/Program Note:
Music for Sines, Percussion, eBows & Variable Ensemble (2008) consists of five six-minute movements for amplified ensemble and sine waves. Centered around a sine-tone patch which with each new section consistently adds 1 cent to the beating-patterns which constitute the backbone of the piece, Music for Sines emphatically deals with pulse. Starting from a central point, the piece then gradually expands outwards in a kind of jagged wedge form: up one register, down two, up three and finally down four for the last.
The instrumental parts are all derived from the sine-tones and consist of 'fixed' as well as 'free' material: Periodic Entries on the one hand, microtonally scanning the circumference of the sines and forming differing combinations of solos, duos and trios throughout the piece and Available Pitches on the other: specified harmonic gamuts from which the musicians can choose their entries according to certain rules. The percussionist measures time by either 'translating' the microtonal progress of the musicians or through magnifying specific beatings in the sines.

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