(Enclosures - Trio Scordatura)

No. 41 Enclosures (2008)
For Soprano, Viola, microtonal MIDI-keyboard & sinewaves
Commissioned by: Transit Festival and Trio Scordatura, with financial support from the Netherlands Fund for the Performing Arts

Info/Program Note:
Enclosures deals with the interaction between long, sustained pitches of static, or moving nature (MIDI keyboard & sines) - and periodically recurring pitches of microtonal nature (voice & viola).
Each of the three sections spans a uniform amount of time (app. 6'00") and either contracts or expands symmetrically in shape, allowing certain pitches to gradually come in and out of focus. As the piece progresses, interval and register expand - from a minor second in section 1 to a minor third in section 3 - while time divisions diminish accordingly, thus allowing the periodic entries to gradually overlap more and more.
The overall range is set in such a way that each register or grouping is initially 'surrounded' by another.
Enclosures is notated entirely in real time and strives to create a concentrated, but continually changing panorama in which each musician is given room to respond to the other as well as the overall environment.
Enclosures is dedicated to Bob Gilmore and Trio Scordatura.

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Enclosures form diagrams
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