No. 34 Waves 1-4 (2007)
For amplified piano & live electronics
Commissioned by: Sonsoles Alonso with financial support from the Netherlands Fund for the Performing Arts

Info/Program Note:
Four works for Ebow Piano & live electronics (sine-patches and samples, preferably performed live and interactively). Written in 2007 at the request of Sonsoles Alonso. The works all prescribe a simultaneous interaction between the keys of the piano and the placement of the Ebows with which the piano strings are excited - and in some cases demand a considerable degree of virtuosity from the pianist, having to co-ordinate, choose and listen all at the same time. Each piece focuses on a different form: a descending line in the first (against sines dropping 2, 3 and 4 octaves respectively), enharmonic overtone relationships in the second, an ascending spectrum in the third (against a combination of sampled piano strings and sine tones) and the building up of a harmonic chord in the fourth (with an interactive part for the sines). Each piece is notated in a form of free timing and is thus, within acceptable limits, variable in its length.

Wave 3, Saskia Lankhoorn

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