(Composition in 3 Parts - Percussion the Hague, Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, Orkest de Volharding)

No. 16 Composition in 3 Parts (2002)
Commissioned by: Percussion Group The Hague, Aurelia Saxophone Quartet & Orkest de Volharding, with financial support from the Netherlands Fund for the Creation of Music

Info/Program Note:
Composition in 3 Parts was a joint commission from Percussion Group The Hague, Orkest de Volharding and the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet and was written specifically for the 25th anniversary of the percussion group in 2002. It's a highly systematic and rhythmic process-piece in which various ways of filling the bar are investigated at full force. The three movements explore different combinations of the ensembles and are each colored according to a specific percussion set-up, moving from wood in the first part to a combined setup of woods, metals and skins in the second to a final section for skins alone.
The work was conceived as an explicit demonstration of 'group-expertise' and highlights various different functions between the three ensembles. Together with Comfort, for Orchestra and Battle Hymns it belongs to a dubious trio of my most highly irreverent and brutish works.

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