No. 12 3-pt. Melodies, Variations & Objects (2001)
Commissioned by: Schönberg Ensemble, with financial support from the Netherlands Fund for the Creation of Music

Info/Program Note:
3-pt. Melodies, Variations & Objects was written in the year 2000, during an extended stay in the southern part of England. At the time, I was somewhat inspired by various folk musics and sought to capture some of their rugged edges in this piece; a 'dirt-like' feature which is especially prominent in the first sections of the piece. Like its immediate predecessor, 3-pt. (untampered) Product, the work makes use of 'objects': small, defined, musical motives which, in this case, serve mainly to 'objectify' the rampant proceedings of the rest - and are accordingly placed in between and at the end of the two main sections.
Scored as a kind of Piano Concerto, with rattling objects placed all over the strings for the greater part of the piece, the 3-pt. Melodies are an exercise in hyperbole: how far can one go before the material auto-destructs and the 'Objects' enter? In this way, the first section consists of extremely frenetic scale-figures, cross-cutting through registers and eventually exploding into a kind of circus Fanfare. After an interruption by a sequence of 'Objects' a second section follows, which consists of an extended Chorale over two alternating fundamentals. This too gradually expands, until destroyed again by Piano clusters and resolved by the Objects.

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