(excerpt Part I - Ives Ensemble)

No. 11 3-pt.(untampered) Product (1998)
Commissioned by: Dirk Luijmes, with financial support from the Netherlands Fund for the Creation of Music

Info/Program Note:
3-pt. (untampered) Product was written in 1998 at the request of the Dutch Harmonium player Dirk Luijmes. Unwilling to put a lot of effort however into a solo work, I extended the timbre and range of the instrument by adding piccolo, trombone and two percussionists.
The work consists of three movements, titled 1) Objects in Space, 2) Discourse, Gamelan & Objects and 3) Drones, more Parallel Fourths & an Object - which all segue into each other and are linked by common material. The first part is exactly as the title describes: a sequence of small musical 'objects', which are 'placed in time' according to a square root form consisting of unvarying 13 and 14 bar periods. The second part combines a consistently varying 7-note figure with an expanding Gamelan-like refrain; interspersed again with small Objects. The third part consists of a somewhat exalted Chorale, which gradually intensifies as the piece comes to a close. The procedure is interrupted once by a single Object, which then returns again at the end.

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