February 24, Illkhom Theatre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 18:30
Ensemble Omnibus, Waves 5-7 and Waves 11-13

March 23, Broadstairs Campus, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK, 20:00
First performance of Structure I, performed by fourteen players of CONTACT in a setup for saxes, violins, pianos, keyboards, drum kits, turntables, MPC sampler, kaoss pads and laptops.

March 7. UK Microfest 3, Walton-on-Thames, UK, 14:00
Trio Scordatura, Enclosures

March 4, Antonin Artaud Building, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK, 18:00
Trio Scordatura, Enclosures (#41) (UK premiere)

April 24, Ergodos Festival, Unitarian Church, Dublin, Rep. Ireland
Trio Scordatura, Enclosures (Irish premiere)
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April 10, Theater Kikker, Utrecht, 20:30
Ensemble MAE, program Exotica, Music for Sines, eBows, Percussion & variable Ensemble (#42)
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April 3, World Minimal Festival, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, 20:30
Premiere of Three Quartets (#43), for the Matangi String Quartet, Amstel Saxophone Quartet and Percussion Group The Hague
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May 14, De Toonzaal, Den Bosch, 20:30
ASKO kamerkoor, Structure VI

May 12, Sonorities Festival, SARC/ Queens University, Belfast 13:00
Trio Scordatura, Enclosures

May 10, Arminiuskerk, Rotterdam, 15:00
ASKO kamerkoor, program Principles First, first performance of Structure VI, in a setting for female voices and organ
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July 16, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin, 20:00
Trio Scordatura, Enclosures (#41) (German premiere)

August 30, Muziekgebouw, Festival Toonzetters, Amsterdam, 15:00
Ensemble Klang, Waves 5-7

September 26, Geertekerk, Utrecht 20:30
September 27, Orgelpark, Amsterdam 14:15
ASKO kamerkoor, Structure VI

September 8, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, Gaudeamus Music Week, 20:15
Netherlands Vocal Laboratory, Altijd, Al

October 28, Theatre Illkhom, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Omnibus Ensemble, 7 Dances for Percussion 4-tet

October 10, Muziekgebouw, Nederlandse Muziekdagen, Amsterdam, 20:15
Premiere of Verdichtingen (Compression) for the Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, narrator and Sinewaves. With texts by Dutch poet Astrid Lampe
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